Away from the mic

Away from the mic I have 2 daughters in their 20’s and a 4 year old son. Henrietta and I love living in Brighton for all the variety it offers from the beach, the entertainment and the history, to the short hop up to the Downs.

I’m one of 5 brothers and sisters and we all get on really well, we grew up in Ealing, London and although we’re spread out now to places like Northampton, Bristol and elsewhere we get together as often as possible.

Naturally, working and bringing up our son takes up loads of time, but Thursday night is 5-a-side night, a great hours runaround with pretty much the same bunch of lads who’ve been playing, whether it’s snowing or sunny, all year round for about a decade.

Cycling up on the Downs or in the Surrey Hills is always a pleasure, then there’s our dog who likes a walk. Finally, why live near the sea and not be in it, or on it, as often as possible.